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Wishing You Were 21 Again?

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This past week, both my niece and my son had birthdays.  Emma turned 21 and Ben turned 22.  And it makes me, their aunt and mother, feel … old.  Pastor Bill and I were talking about the birthdays, and he asked me if I didn’t wish I was that age again.  If I could have my younger body … the one where the knees didn’t crack every time I stand up, or the one where I could sleep for eight hours at a stretch – the answer would be an enthusiastic YES!  And maybe to go back to that age in order to have more time, to do the things that I thought I would do “someday” and actually do them.  But other than that, being 21 doesn’t really hold any attraction for me.  How about you?  Would you like to be 21 again or are you happy at the age you are now?


One thought on “Wishing You Were 21 Again?

  1. If I knew at age 21 what I know now, it would be interesting to see if there would really be a change.
    I would surely hope so!

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