Plymouth Congregational Church

God for All

A Question for You …


What does Plymouth Congregational Church mean to you?  
If Plymouth Church disappeared today, would it be missed?


5 thoughts on “A Question for You …

  1. If I disappeared today, would Plymouth Church miss me?

    • “That is a great question, the answer would be yes if you have been in anyway involved with us and surely you would be missed if you were here on a regular basis. I am not sure where you are going with the question but most definitely we miss each and everyone who is or has been a part of our fellowship!”

  2. My Grandfather was very young when his mother died. I think it was Ann and Ada’s grandmother who took it upon herself to take him and his siblings to church … which just happened to be Plymouth (or the former Plainfield Congregational Church). He loved this church and the “family” he had here. His wife (and my Grandma 🙂 also attended here with her parents.

    I grew up in the DuPage Presby. Church, but Dave and I were married here, our youngest child was baptized here; and two of our kids went to Sunday School here. We’ve said goodbye to many family members here, also.

    There was a time when we left Plymouth for about a year, and tried out several other churches. But no other church felt like “home” the way Plymouth does. I love our old building, but it’s the people inside that count. As with all families, we’ve had some bumps along the way, but like Bob, I think no group comes together better in times of need than our church family.

    I think Plymouth would be missed if it disappeared from its’ corner, but I also think there are many opportunties out there for us to “serve God by serving others.”

    And we’re all glad that “Brother Bob” and Drew are part of our church family, too! 🙂

  3. Plymouth for me is a friendly place to worship where I am challenegd each week through meaningful sermons that I often think about throughout the week.

    I feel as though I have a caring church family that would be ther in times of trouble as I would try and return the same.

    I would miss Plymouth if it ever went away. I know my son would miss it too. I feel the Plainfield community would miss it especially during Christmas time and hopefully even mpre often than that.

    I am very thankful God brought us to Plymouth!

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