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What is Your Pet Peeve?


Have you ever listened to Midday Connection on Moody Bible’s radio station, WMBI?  This is a show hosted by two women for women.  But many of their topics would appeal to both men and women.

On Feb. 24th, they asked the question, “What is your biggest pet peeve?” What really bugs you or drives you crazy? Is it the pile of clothes that never gets hung up on your husband’s side of the bed? Or maybe it’s getting a drink so full of ice that there’s no room for the liquid. We’ll laugh together about the funny idiosycracies that we encounter in everyday life.”  (You can listen to their whole broadcast by clicking here:  Midday Connection and scroll down to 2/24.)

When you think of pet peeves, your first thought probably isn’t that they’re humorous.  But the hosts of the show seemed to be having a good time sharing their pet peeves.   I’ll bet that if you really start thinking about this, you can come up with more than one thing that really bugs you.  And that once you get going, it wouldn’t be hard to end up with quite a list.   

One of the pet peeves brought up was people who bump in to you while you are walking and then don’t say “excuse me.”  Which in turn, makes you exclaim “Excuse me!” in a manner meant to point out to them the error of their ways.  I confess that I have done that on occasion.

So, go on … make your list.  How hard was it?  How many did you come up with?  

Now … go back through the list and see how silly some of those things might be.  How many “little things” do we let ruin our day?



5 thoughts on “What is Your Pet Peeve?

  1. That was a fun and interesting program! If you missed any of it, you can listen again on our website: (click on the Past Programs tab).

    Thanks for the mention – and for listening!
    Lori Neff
    Midday Connection Producer

  2. Well, I was going right along the other day making my list of pet peeves, when later in the day I realized that I probably was someone elses pet peeve. Honestly, I didn’t see that car in the left lane that I was trying to merge into. The man is still probably cursing his pet peeve of “crazy women drivers!” 🙂

  3. Kelly is right about the control.

    I was wondering if you would post the “revelations” thing.

    I might add people who expect your world to revolve around theirs – when you have to change your plans to fit theirs and they just expect it. (Can you tell this has happened recently 🙂

  4. I do understand the FARKLE thing.

    But my Daughter, Kelly always says; “If you let them make you mad you are letting them control you.”

    I have a laundry list but in the end nothing is really that important to allow myself to get mad.

    Revelation — Revelations

  5. Maybe the fact that I can NEVER beat Pastor Bill at FARKLE on facebook!! 🙂

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