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Monday Morning Water Cooler

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Since we started this blog in late October of last year, there have been almost 100 posts, 1,168 views and 136 comments.   To those in the Plymouth Church family, the invitation to be a “guest writer” still stands.  Just pick a topic and send it either to Pastor Bill or Caron.   Or for anyone reading out there, suggest a topic via the comment section and we’ll take it from there. 

Now, at water coolers in offices everywhere today, I’m sure the Oscars are being discussed.  Did you watch them?  What did you think?  I personally thought something seemed “off.”  There were a few funny moments, but quite a few of the guests looked bored – especially George Clooney.  Sandra Bullock gave one of the best acceptance speeches.  I was glad to see, that for the first time ever, a woman won the Best Director Oscar.  And as a message on AOL pointed out this morning, did you notice that Farrah Fawcett was left out of the “In Memorium” montage?
(And while we’re talking movies, someone on-line asked the question, “Have you ever walked out of a movie, and if so, why?”)

People are probably still discussing the JFK Air Traffic Controller who brought his twin, nine-year-old children into the air traffic control tower, on two consecutive nights.  Many of us have brought our children with us to work, especially on “Bring your son / daughter to work day.”  But this Dad let his child give take-off instructions to several pilots.  As one radio talk show host pointed out, there are just some jobs you don’t let your kids participate in – say a surgeon – would you let your child “make the first incision?”  But retired pilots seem to think this is a “non event,” and that the controller was in control at all times.  Both the Dad and his supervisor have been suspended and may lose their jobs.  Would it have bothered you to know that a child was giving your pilot instructions?

And for those who haven’t had a chance to listen to our Covenant Choir perform “Here I Am, Lord,” just click on the song’s title.


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