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Have a Happy Heart!

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I can’t remember where I read these quotes, but I did so just recently.  It may have been one of the little daily “news” quips on AOL – “Advice from Top Chefs” or something along those lines.  As I finished reading, I thought how they could also apply to life, and our journey with God.

“People don’t cook day in and day out, and then they want to do a dinner party. That’s like saying ‘I haven’t gotten my driver’s license yet, but I’m going to do NASCAR next week.’ If you cook for yourself, you don’t worry about things going wrong, and that liberates you. The worst that may happen is that your supper doesn’t taste nice. But you might work out why it didn’t.”    Nigella Lawson, Host of ‘Nigella Express’ 

“Read a recipe all the way through before you begin cooking; knowing what needs to happen and when will help you avoid any mistakes as you prepare each step.”   Martha Stewart 

“Learn to cook. When I say that, I mean that people pick up a book or magazine and learn a recipe, but they don’t learns technique and method and basic skills. Learn how to use a knife and learn how to butcher. Once you learn the basics, go out and create your own thing.”   Tom Colicchio, Restaurateur, Host of ‘Top Chef’ 

“Your mood is reflected in your food, so try to have a happy heart when cooking.”     Aaron McCargo Jr., Winner of ‘The Next Food Network Star’ 

The second bit of advice about reading a recipe all the way through . . . I don’t know how many times when I’ve been following (?) a recipe I’ve been “surprised” by an additional ingredient or an extra step.  When my daughter got married several years ago, I made a recipe book that featured favorite recipes from family members, cooking quotes and stories, along with photos.   My friend Linda and I have a bit of a reputation when it comes to cooking . . . disasters. . . and so, I had to include the photo below in my daughter’s book.   We really did have good excuses when we made chicken salad in the blender (Linda) or blueberry muffins with grapes (Caron)!  (The cake pan in the middle with the holes in it is a “whole ‘nother story.)


All of the above advice makes me think that if we read our Bible cover-to-cover with some understanding, we might be better equipped in our day-to-day life.  And “having a happy heart” can’t be a bad way to go through life, can it?


One thought on “Have a Happy Heart!

  1. And today I have a “happy heart!” Linda went back to work today! And so I am thankful for answered prayer, thankful that she’s going back to a job that is familiar to her and that maybe now she can relax just a little bit!

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