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For Better or Worse?


No, this post is NOT about my life-long love/hate affair with the Chicago Cubs!  It is, however, about the recent scandal surrounding South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

I have intentionally refrained from writing any posts pertaining to marriage.  I feel that since I am in my second marriage, that I might not be the best person to post any opinions on the subject.  But the case of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford caught my attention and I wonder what you think about it.

You may have heard or read the story about the scandal surrounding South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s disappearance, subsequent mistress revelation and upcoming divorce from his wife, Jenny Sanford.  If not, here is a short summary that was written by Robert Kittle, WBTW Columbia Bureau Chief, published 7/23/09:

“Governor Mark Sanford’s odd and unexplained disappearance in June got a lot of national attention just because it was so unusual. He left the state without telling anyone and without a way to contact him. His wife even said she didn’t know where he was, while his staff thought he was hiking the Appalachian Trail. But when he returned and explained that he had disappeared to Argentina to visit his mistress, the admission left even his close friends dumbfounded.”

On a recent John Williams WGN radio program, they talked about Jennifer Sanford’s interview with Barbara Walters.  In this interview, she relayed that Mark Sanford wanted the words relating to fidelity removed from their marriage vows.  At the time, she said that it bothered her but she went along with it.  John Williams went on to ask his listeners if they had had any words omitted from their wedding vows.  Several callers responded that they had the words “obey” omitted.  A female caller, who had a Lutheran marriage ceremony, had the words stating she was the “lesser vessel” removed.

Would the removal of the promise to be faithful been a “deal-breaker” for you at the time of your wedding?  Did you intentionally have any words removed from your marriage vows and why?


2 thoughts on “For Better or Worse?

  1. Yes, this would have been a “deal breaker” for me, too. And it should have been a clue, as you said. And while a couple can carry on after an affair, I don’t know that the marriage would ever be the same.

  2. It would have been a deal breaker for me….infidelity is a deal breaker for me. And while I believe people can forgive and be forgiven, marriages can heal after an affair, if someone blatantly leaves those words out of their vows that should be a clue….in my humble opinion.

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