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The USA men’s hockey team, shown immediately following its “Miracle on Ice” win over the Soviet Union at the 1980 Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid. The U.S. team won by a score of 4-3. Steve Powell/Getty Images

During the winter Olympics, the one thing I have heard mentioned several times, is that the gold medal win of the U. S. Hockey Team in 1980, the “Miracle on Ice,” will probably go down in history as the best victory in sport’s history.

I remember watching that game.  It was several months before my first marriage and I was living alone in an apartment at the time.  I remember watching the game, and I think I actually jumped up and down in my living room after the victory.

And that got me to wondering what I will say when one of my grandchildren asks me what was the most important historical event I remember happening in my lifetime.  And do I remember where I was when it happened?

I would have to say that 9/11 will be the day that I remember most.  My friend Linda called to tell me to turn on the TV, which I watched until it was time to leave for work.  I remember I was in my car listening to Peter Jennings when the first tower fell.  I will never forget the sound of his voice at that particular moment.

I vaguely remember watching the coverage of President Kennedy’s assassination on our black and white TV.  I don’t really remember the coverage of man landing on the moon.  I do, however, remember that in one of our cereal boxes there was a 45 recording of the events and Neil Armstrong’s famous words, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”  (Did you know that the controversy over the missing “a” has now been solved, and that Armstrong did actually say the word?)

Locally, the biggest historical event would have been the Plainfield tornado.  Again Linda figures into this story.  At that time, we lived down the street from each other.  My two kids and I had spent the afternoon enjoying Linda’s pool until we noticed that bad weather was approaching.  I remember thinking, upon looking in the direction of Plainfield, that they must really be getting bad weather as the sky was almost black.  My sister-in-law’s apartment building was destroyed, the best man in our wedding lost his brother and his mother, Plymouth Church played a part in serving residents and workers during clean up, and so many other memories.

And the last other historical event would have to be the death of Princess Diana.  I had heard a late night report that she had been in an accident.  By the time I had turned the downstairs TV off and gone upstairs to turn on that TV, she had died.  Not that I was such a Diana follower, but maybe the fact she was so young made such an impact on me.

If you made a list, what would be the top events that you remember and why?


2 thoughts on “Do You Remember . . .

  1. I fogot about the Space Shuttle – we were at a sporting event for Ben, I remember.

    Another question for everyone . . . when a big event takes place, do you watch the continuous coverage? I tend to.

  2. I have a list; not too long though!

    The day John Kennedy was killed, the why here is I feel we lost something that we have never regained. Morality and decency,

    The day Bobby Kennedy was killed

    The Space Shuttle explosion

    The collapse of the Silver memorial Bridge for which the movie Mothman Prophesies was made


    and my first view of the Viet Nam Memorial wall

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