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Did God have “Plan B” or Was There Only Supposed to be “Plan A?”

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Thursday afternoons find me at church, where I am supposed to be working diligently on Sunday’s bulletin.   But I wish you all could be there for the very interesting discussions Pastor Bill and I have on a variety of topics.

This past Thursday we talked about  whether God knew that Adam and Eve were going to “mess things up” in the Garden of Eden.   Was the perfect setting of the Garden of Eden, with the life that Adam and Eve had . . . was that  “Plan A?”   After Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit from the tree of knowledge, was that when “Plan B,” or God’s sacrificing of his Son for our sins, came into play?  Or was this always part of God’s original “Plan A?”

If God is all knowing, he knew that Adam and Eve would fall short of his plans for them.  Jeremiah 1:5 states, “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.”  Psalm 139 is all about just how well God knows each one of us.

Pastor Bill’s response was that “God created Adam and Eve knowing they had the ability to sin.”  His answer to my next question, “Why did he create them that way?” was that “God wants us to come to him for no other reason other than we want to. God’s desire for us to come to Him is no different than that of a parent who has the desire to be loved and respected by his children. We are God’s children and his desire is for us to have a great and powerful desire to love and worship him. We were created for that purpose, not for some chess game that we are just pawns in. God’s Plan is for us to love and live with him eternally.”




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