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Rainbows in Your Living Room

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When our oldest grandson was little and was at our house, he loved to be in the living room.  He’d say, “Look Oma, you have a rainbow in your house!”  When the light shone through the leaded glass front door, it made rainbow-colored spots appear on the floor and wall of the living room. 

According to author Barbara Johnson, “kids love the way light shines through crystal, rockets off diamonds, emanates from rainbows.  Crystals, diamonds, and rainbows are all designed by God.  He put them in the world to remind us to take things lightly.  He means for us to wonder and imagine what could be hidden in the darkest piece of coal or the rainiest day on earth.  Thinking we know it all closes our hearts to what is beautiful and new.” 

I am currently reading the book, “Thank You Power!” by Deborah Norville.  She asks the question, “On your daily commute, do you really see what you are looking at, or do you just drive the same route each day, without noticing the people / landscape around you?” 

For six years I worked in a small town not far from my home.  One day while I was driving to work, I happened to notice the large water tower and I wondered when they had put that up?  Of course, it had been there all along, I guess I just hadn’t really noticed it. But a few years later, when I worked at the Millbrook UMC in Millbrook, IL, I intentionally took a certain route to get there. It was down a curving, back road lined in spots by trees.  In the fall, it was really pretty. My husband always asked me why I didn’t take the quicker, more direct route.  I always told him that the way I went was prettier, there was always so much to see and it was just a good way to start my day.  

This week, really look at what you’re passing by.  See anything new?


One thought on “Rainbows in Your Living Room

  1. After reading this post I decided not to comment. BUT I received this email the very next one that I opened and thought it fell right in line with this! So here it is:

    Live well, laugh often, love with all your heart and as though you’ve never been hurt before!

    Be Calm. . . . Quiet. . . . Tranquil. . .
    Bloom as often as you can.
    Stay close to your Family.
    Explore the world around you.
    Enjoy the relaxing rhythm of waves.
    Spread your wings and take off on your own.
    Then enjoy the comfort of coming home again.
    Life is short.

    Please, while you can, take
    time to enjoy all the little pleasures
    that God has provided for you.

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