Plymouth Congregational Church

God for All

When life becomes especially hard . . .


A few encouraging words from author Barbara Johnson, as found in a book called “God Always Has Plan B.”

When life becomes especially hard and troubles seem to gang up on us, I have a few suggestions:

Don’t struggle and fret and try to cope all by yourself.  Put the situation in God’s hands, trusting that he will bring it to the conclusion that is best for everyone involved.

Pray for guidance and believe that direction is being given to you now.

Pray for and practice a calm attitude.

Let faith saturate your thoughts.

Remind yourself of one great truth:  Hard experiences do pass.  They will yield.  So just hold on, with God’s help.

Remember that there is always a light in the darkness.  Believe that and look for it; it is the light of God’s love.

Ask the Lord to release your ingenuity, so that you can face the problem creatively with strength and wisdom.

Remember that others experience troubles similar to yours.

Our heavenly Father is committed to shaping us into his image, and so he knows the ultimate value of each painful experience.  No, traumas are not unique — to you or to this time in history.  The road sign has marked everyone’s path.  God asks us to face these dead ends with an air of expectancy that his peace and power will prevail.  And they will.


3 thoughts on “When life becomes especially hard . . .

  1. I hope you can keep looking at the situation as an “oppportunity.” God seems to be working changes in your life lately. Maybe this is the final step – he’s getting you in “position” for the next best thing he’s bringing into your life!

  2. Keep the positive, God focused suggestions coming Caron. I’m in the midst of a great opportunity for God to be trusted and let him lead my life as I have to find a new job after 19 + years with one company. He will provide abundantly.

  3. And remember that there are others that will help us carry the troubles and together we can make the load lighter!

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