Plymouth Congregational Church

God for All

Where Will Happiness Strike Next?

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Watch this video clip by clicking on the coke machine. 
Don’t you love it?  I’m addicted, I think, to Diet Coke, so I really don’t need convincing to go out and buy this product.  But if I weren’t, this little ad would certainly entice me to do so!  And being the mother of a college-aged son, he would love to come upon this kind of vending machine!

As I watched this video clip, though, it came to me that this is how God’s blessings come to us – they are ours if we reach out and take them.

But what I really liked about this ad was the question at the end:  “When will happiness strike next?”  I like the idea of always being in anticipation of waiting for happiness to strike.  Blessings come in all forms – big or small – can we find something to be happy about each day? 

Reach for and accept the blessings God loves to give us. 


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