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Being on the outside looking in . . .


This is the fifth and final installment of this week’s “kid’s lessons.” 

Picture this . . . the kids are all gathered around to hear the pastor tell his story for the day.  Usually, he involves all the children in his storytelling, but on this day, he directs all of his comments to the kids on the right side.  He gives any handouts to just the kids on the right side.  The kids on the left side are basically ignored.  They don’t know why the pastor isn’t speaking to them, or including them in the fun.

I think 90% of us could say that at one time in our lives we were the last one picked for the baseball team, or whatever team where “captains” got to choose their teammates.  Not a fun feeling.

Now fast-forward to our adult lives, and more specifically, our lives at church.  I read an article recently that used the women of the church as an example, but it applies to everyone.   Anyway, the story was about how a woman, who was fairly new to the church, was coming upon a group of women who were talking.  One woman in the group looked her way, smiled and waved.  The first woman was glad to see that someone was welcoming her to the group . . . until she realized that the second woman was smiling and waving to someone behind her.  The article went on to say how we tend to break off into the same groups at church each week . . . that we sometimes fail to be inclusive to the newer attendees. 

I know I am guilty of this!  Sometimes, it’s because I am basically a shy person and find it hard to talk to someone I don’t really know, and sometimes it’s just because I don’t think to take the extra step. Most of us usually see each other only on Sundays, and use our fellowship time after worship to catch up with each other.  But how are we at including others?  Do we know the names of everyone who worships with us on a fairly regular basis?  When we have a regular event coming up, do we take time to explain just what the event is to those who are new to our church family?  At the time of Harvest Home, I was within earshot of a couple that is fairly new, and they were asking each other, “Harvest Home?  What is a Harvest Home?” 

We have a lot of events coming up at Plymouth – our “Are You Smarter Than a Sunday Schooler?” Bible Trivia “contest” and potluck, Racer Blessing, Cruise Nights, Harvest Home Dinner, and the Creché Lighting Program just to name a few.  Let’s be sure we let others know how much fun we have or how meaningful these events can be.


3 thoughts on “Being on the outside looking in . . .

  1. So Caron, if there’s new folks I’ll be your wing-man and we can approach them together! How’s that for walking together in Christ?

  2. Not to mention the great and wonderful preaching and skits that our drama department puts on.

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