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Following Up . . .


I thought I would use today’s blog to follow up on some of the recent topics.

Several of you commented on the post which referred to Dr. Seuss’ book, “Oh, the Places You Will Go.”  The book is available on and I am sure you could find it at any bookstore.  It makes a great gift . . . for anyone, really.

Regarding the “Simple, Small and Significant” blog that I referred to in the “We Are the Hands of Christ” blog.  I have subscribed to this person’s blog.  Aside from the fact that I like what she writes and how she writes it, just how does she make look bread look so good?!?   Blessings from Zion

In “Letting Your Faith Show,” I remarked how I liked to see the different places that a person’s faith is visible.  A friend of mine, who is really going through a rough time, was standing in line – outside in the cold – at the unemployment office.  With her were about 25 other people.  She told me how they all looked sad, depressed and just worn down.  She then said outloud, words to this effect, “Well, I am grateful that I am standing here in this line in a country where we are so blessed.  Just imagine what those people in Haiti are going through.”  And she said those around her joined in with “Yes, we are blessed.”  Maybe that gave those people a better start to their day . . .

And lastly, the “Everything that Irritates You . . .” blog.  I’m still rolling the quoted thought around in my head.  I tried applying it to one person who continually irritates me.  I tried taking the “irritations” and comparing them to how I see myself.  Being habitually late I don’t think counts.  Because although occasionally (like yesterday!) I do run a little late, I hope I don’t have the reputation of being always late.   But when I came to my thought that she was “unforgiving,” I thought, oh boy, THIS must be it!
   I confess that I can be unforgiving, and that forgiveness is a concept that I have continually struggled with.  I am reading a book right now that Lance let me borrow, “What to do on the Worst Day of Your Life.”  (I promise to return it soon!)  I’ve had it quite a while – not because I am a slow reader – but because right off the bat, the author brought up forgiveness.  I have picked the book up, put it back down for a few days to think and then repeated the process.  And I think I’ve come to my sticking point with regards to forgiveness.  And that is “forgiveness is not an abdication of justice – instead forgiveness involves deferring justice to God.  How God chooses to deal with those who have wronged us is not our concern.”  This all makes sense to me, but it’s the “letting go” . . .

So this weekend – go to different places, be the hands of Christ, let your faith show and be blessed!


4 thoughts on “Following Up . . .

  1. Forgiveness is a key and stumbling block all wrapped up in one word is what I’m finding. A theme that keeps coming up in my life at this time is that we can’t give what we don’t have. My capacity to forgive (the ability to make that decision and take those actions) is dependent on my closeness and acceptance of forgiveness from God. We can often say we “know” we are forgiven, but for me (in the past) that was just head knowledge. Once I REALLY got it as heart knowledge I began to experience God differently. I am experiencing His forgiveness differently. I’m starting to be more able to forgive in that manner, but I still have much growth ahead of me in this area.

    The same can be said of love. We have to REALLY believe that God loves us just as he made us, and in that love surrender completely our old self image to Him. Once we do that we are more able to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Our love for ourselves is rooted in knowing who we are in God; knowing who we are in Love since God is Love.

  2. Not sure just got an email and sent a comment!

  3. Wow – how’d you comment before I was even done writing the blog?!

    And the part about “letting go” being a decision / choice – that’s the next paragraph in the book! That choosing to let God handle things 1) frees us up to forgive, 2) ensures that evil doesn’t have the last word and 3) prevents bitterness from taking root.

  4. And remember that the letting go is a decision, as is the decision to forgive! Great Blog and wonderful topics. Keep up the great work!


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