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Share Your New Year’s Resolutions


With the new year just around the corner, today is the day we invite you to share your New Year’s resolutions . . . or don’t you even bother making them any more because you never carry through on them?


8 thoughts on “Share Your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. 1)In times when I’m angry, hurt, frazzled, etc. I am going to praise God. It’s my hope that praising Him will give me a positive state of being vs. allowing the negative to hold me (and I don’t have to confess first since I’ll be praising God)
    2)Look for opportunities to give more of myself or the resources God has blessed my family with. I’m thinking one additional gift a month (could be cash, food, service,etc).

    • Just tonight I heard a radio host say that when things are tough, we have the choice to be crabby, negative, etc. or we can choose to find joy. It makes me think of my Dad who, when one thing or another happens, says “Ah, that’s minor!” Another little tidbit I’ve seen several times lately is to think, “ok, in a year, will this “thing” seem so bad?”

  2. It’s more of a long-range goal than a 2010 resolution, but I want to get my life organized in a new and different way so that I can do something I have been needing and wanting to do – get back to writing choral music for church choirs. God gave me this talent – I need to use it to glorify His name.

  3. It’s more of a long-term goal than a resolution for 2010, but I want to get my life organized in a new and different way so that I can go back to something I have wanted and needed to do for a long time – writing choral music for church choirs. God gave me this talent to write, and I need to use it for His glory.

  4. Funny…until this moment I haven’t had time to think about resolutions, so I guess that means my first resolution will be to get back to thinking about resolutions and doing what matters most. I’m a Stephen Covey kind of girl, so I fully realize I’ve really let my saw dull this last year and I must work on sharpening it again and schedule my priorities, not prioritize my schedule.

  5. Here are a few of mine:

    1) To be more organized – go through all the “stuff” I’ve
    collected over the years – I think we actually have
    pool table under all those boxes!

    2) To eat healthier – goodbye McDonald’s, hello SUBWAY.
    (I think it’s time to make better use of my Cooking
    Light magazine subscription.)

    3) To be more active in promoting / sharing our blog with
    the hope that more people will join in on the

    4) To take the time to enjoy my life more.

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