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You Are the Creator of Your Own Adventures!


Yesterday I mentioned that this week we would be talking about faith and change and New Years’ resolutions.  Within the past week and a half, I have received several inspirational messages regarding change from “Walk the Talk” and “On This Day, God Wants You to Know.”  Excerpts from these messages appear below: 

“Change is not easy, but it is simple.”  Things will always change.  We don’t have a choice about that, but we do have a choice on how we react to change.  Change is an emotional process.  We are all creatures of habit who usually resist change, but welcome routine.  Unchartered waters are scary! 

In the long run, however, sameness is the fast track to mediocrity.  When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.” 

“Change is the very nature of life, – welcome it. No glass ever became sand again; No bread ever became wheat; No ripened fruit ever became a flower. Welcome change, and choose what kind of glass you create, what kind of bread you bake, what kind of fruit you harvest. 

“It’s time you stopped hiding from life, and said yes to the adventure of being alive.  Enough of the routine already. Go on, have an adventure, – do what you always wanted deep within your heart.  Do what brings you alive, and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” 

And then I saw this message on a sign in a store . . . “You are the creator of your own adventure.” 

Ok . . . I’m getting the message that we all should embrace change!  The idea that “we are all creatures of habit who usually resist change, but welcome routine” – ask any pastor new to a congregation about  when he/she tries to incorporate a change in the “way we’ve always done it” and I’m sure they would have plenty of stories of “resistance.” 

I know there have been times in my life when I knew I needed to change my attitude about something, but I could just feel myself stubbornly dragging my feet, in total resistance to doing what I knew I should do. 

But I do like the idea of being the “creator of my own adventure.”  That I can choose how I react to circumstances, or that I can choose to try new things (no Linda, that does not mean I will be taking dance lessons anytime soon!)  

But doesn’t making New Years’ resolutions get a little bit more exciting if we look at them as adventures?


2 thoughts on “You Are the Creator of Your Own Adventures!

  1. Lance,
    I think you’re right about the fear of failing AND the fear of succeeding. This is a little thing, but I tend to order the same “safe” foods every time we go out to eat. This year I’ve decided to try different foods and so far haven’t eaten anything horrible! 🙂

  2. What is it that keeps us from taking on new adventures? More often I suspect it’s the fear of failing. What happens if the destination isn’t all we thought it would be? What will others think of us if we fall short / fail? What will we think of ourselves if we fail?

    Sometimes it’s a fear of succeeding that might keep us from taking that adventure. We might be concerned with how we will actually fit in if our new normal is very different from our old normal. Do we want the full measure of success? Some folks I’ve known sabotage their own best efforts when they are so close.

    Since I stepped out of my comfort zone of 45 years, my life has been changing and reshaped. Some areas I want to change aren’t proceeding at the rate I’d like, yet others are moving swiftly. Scripture tells us ‘A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps’ (Pro 16:9). I may have a vision of where I want to go, but God’s clearly will direct my steps to that point.

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