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“I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing . . .”

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Remember that old Cocoa-Cola commercial where young people of all nationalities sang, “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony?”
Well, something took place in Washington, D.C. lately that brought this song to mind.

I was telling Pastor Bill that I had come across videos of a snowball fight that took place on a street corner in Washington, D.C.  Upon the light turning red, large groups on either side of the street would begin throwing snowballs at each other.  By the various videos posted you can see how much fun they were having – all different kinds of people – having a spontaenous few minutes of shared fun.  (Until a policeman came by waving a gun, trying to disperse the crowd. I believe that policeman is now in trouble himself. You can search for the “snowball fight in Washington, D.C., 2009 and read all about it.)

Comments posted on various blogs went from “let the people have their fun” to “this sort of thing may have been ok in “olden days,” but not in today’s world.”  I can see where the people who had actually braved driving the streets and came upon this scene might have initially been cautious.  But I also imagined this scene taking place on the street corner right by our church in downtown Plainfield. The whole story reminded Pastor Bill of the old Cocoa-Cola song.

It may have been the wrong place to have a snowball fight, but I think those involved will long remember the fun they had connecting with strangers in just a few moments of enjoying life.


One thought on ““I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing . . .”

  1. I remember the song very well, especially the Christmas version where the people formed a Christmas (not Holiday) tree. I also remember many a snowball fight with friends and the many good times we had. Unfortunately there were a number of them that turned uglier than they should have. Someone got a bit too aggressive, hit in a vulnerable spot (face, ear, anyplace not covered by a thick coat) or was pasted with a ball that had a bit too much ice content. Tempers flared, voices raised and it won’t surprise me if a punch or two got thrown. And this was among very good friends.

    With today’s climate of PC, entitlement, road raging, get ’em before they get you, class warfare, auto expulsion for defending attack in school and BIG GOVERNMENT it’s sad to say I can’t see a “friendly” snow ball fight happening and staying friendly. Possible, but improbable. Downtown Plainfield…can you imagine the uproar if a store window, new light or other thing were broken. Lawsuits would fly faster than you can say “I’m sorry”. Maybe we should organize the first annual PMA Snow Ball Fight as a civic outreach and fund raiser!

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