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Waiting for your miracle . . .

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Yesterday was a good day to be a part of Plymouth’s church family.  Our Covenant Choir, which is growing in numbers all the time, sounded wonderful!  The addition of the kids singing with the group was especially nice.  And then the kids presented one of the best kid’s Christmas programs ever!  (Check out our website later in the week for photos and perhaps a video:  To me, it felt like a day of hope.

During prayer time, Stella brought up the fact that this was a season of miracles, and that while some have seen their own particular miracle, that others are still waiting . . . for answered prayer for medical healing, for a marriage to heal, for a new job to come along.

In our Adult Bible Discussion group, Pastor Bill mentioned that God uses or comes to people when they are at their lowest point.  For those who feel they are at their lowest point, who are still searching or waiting for their miracle –

Always be thankful . . . this doesn’t mean we have to be thankful for everything that happens to us, but that we should be thankful for God’s presence in our lives.  Even in the midst of troubled times, God is in control. 

Believe in the power of prayer . . . I read somewhere that, “when you stop believing a prayer will be answered, you stop praying.  You have given up hope.  You have no faith.  Prayer keeps you in a relationship with God.”  Keep believing that God hears your prayers and will answer. 

Pray for patience to wait as God answers your prayers in his time.  God sees the big picture and knows the best time for your answered prayer to come.  Or maybe God has already provided your answer, but in a different way than what you had hoped for. 

“Nothing is impossible with God.”
Luke 1:37


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