Plymouth Congregational Church

God for All

What made you smile?


Ok, it’s Friday . . . the day you get to tell us all what made you smile this week.  It doesn’t have to be a big thing – if it made you happy, then share!


3 thoughts on “What made you smile?

  1. 1. Thursday night Olivia 4 first places in a swimming meet.

    2. A friend growing greatly in the Lord.

    3. Going to a Gaither Homecoming Concert Saturday Night and we do not have to drive!

    4. Looking forward to the Children’s program Sunday at church!

  2. 1) Starting to believe I can sing a solo in church.

    2) Sharing my testimony with a close friend.

  3. 1) Game night with the kids and spouses / dates – lots of laughs and fun!

    2) Dinner with some high school girlfriends at my house. Another night full of laughter!

    3) And I probably should have listed this first, but now that my daughter has finally told all the immediate family members, I can tell everyone that she and her husband are expecting their first child in June!

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