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Doubt is the rust of life . . .

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“Doubt is the rust of life. Doubt holds you landlocked in paralysis unable to move either way. The time you spent doubting is the time you are not alive. 
So, rid yourself of the doubt, take that step one way or another, your heart knows what is best, but take it right now.” (from “On this day, God                    wants you to know . . .) 

My Study Bible’s explanation of James 1:6-8 is this: “A doubtful mind is not completely convinced that God’s way is best.  It treats God’s Word like any human advice and retains the option to disobey.  To stablize your wavering or doubtful mind, commit yourself wholeheartedly to God.” 

“If you have ever seen the constant rolling of huge waves at sea, you know how restless they are – subject to the forces of wind, gravity and tide.  Doubt leaves a person as unsettled as the restless waves; if you want to stop being tossed about, rely on God to show you what is best for you.  Ask him for wisdom and trust that he will give it to you; then your decisions will be sure and solid.”


One thought on “Doubt is the rust of life . . .

  1. Great topic! Ultimately we all have a decision to make and the first one is the key…are we God’s or do we belong to ourselves. If we are God’s then we have to search the Word for knowledge of what His direction is for us when we aren’t so clear in our spirit of what the right course is. If we are only partially God’s (which means we really haven’t committed our lives fully to Him) is when we get into trouble and doubt. That’s where the selfish, worldly part comes in. That’s where we start mixing in parts of what “sounds” like the truth with the real Truth. We have to resist efforts to mix psychology, Oprah, self help, etc with God’s Word. It’s exceptionally difficult.

    So how about this for a catch phrase….When in doubt, check it out (in the Bible).

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