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Tired of the “News?”


Are you tired of hearing all the “in-depth” coverage of Tiger Woods?  Do you think the media goes overboard with stories like this? 

Tiger Woods was being considered to receive the Congressional Gold Medal – the highest civilian award that Congress can bestow.   This was to recognize 
Woods for “his service to the Nation in promoting excellence and good sportsmanship, and in breaking barriers with grace and dignity by showing that golf is a sport for all people.”  But in light of the recent “news” surrounding Tiger Woods, his name has been withdrawn.  

Do you think he should still be considered for this award?


3 thoughts on “Tired of the “News?”

  1. I’m fond of compartmentalizing (and this gets me in trouble too often). Tiger Woods, Micheal Jordan, Micheal Vick, et al should only be considered role models to one group of people…their families. Period. End of story.

    I’m not the avid golfer I once was, but I still enjoy the game when I play. Without question, Tiger is the games most gifted player currently competing and any award that is based on his athletic merits is justly deserved. IMO Tiger really didn’t break any barriers in golf. His talent and marketability (ie. he and everyone around him stood to make big money) is what made him such a big deal. His color of skin simply made it seem like a bigger deal.

    If he were being considered for the medal based on his vast body of community service, his generous giving to disadvantaged, etc. then he would be deserving of such an honor. He did wrong. I guess he’s reaping what he sowed. Unfortunately the media machine (money driven) has likely tanked any potential of he and Elin working on finding God as the source of healing in the marriage and future ministry as a couple. For that I’m sorry for both of them.

  2. Great discussion starter. You are doing a wonderful job!

  3. I will be glad when this like all the other sensational media junk goes away. And , No I do not think he should receive the Gold medal for any of the stuff he did. I think they should honor all of our living congregational Medal of Honor winners with the recognition that they deserve, and I believe that we should treat our true heroes like the special needs Mom’s and Dad’s and all or the hospice workers with fat more honor that any sports figure!

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