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Oprah’s “Aha! Moment”

 The insurance giant, Mutual of Omaha, recently dropped their lawsuit against Oprah Winfrey with regards to their use of the slogan “proud sponsor of life’s aha moments.”  Oprah believed she originated the phrase years ago and therefore, the insurance company was using “her” phrase illegally.  Supposedly they have settled the issue as the lawsuit has been dropped, the insurance company has settled with Oprah’s company, Harpo, and they are still using the slogan. 

I had one of those moments just the other day.  I had come to the decision earlier this month that I needed to be spending more time reading my Bible.  I decided that I should be devoting as much, if not more, time studying the scriptures as I do reading my e-mails or playing FARKLE on Facebook.  And for about three days, I did pretty well.  But after that I just kept finding excuses not to take the time.  And it actually almost seemed like I was resisting the whole idea for some reason. 

But the other day it dawned on me that while I am doing research for these blog articles, I AM actually spending a lot of time looking up different verses, reading them and their explanations in my study Bible.  Well, HELLO?!  God was actually getting me to spend more time with him through his word without me even realizing it!  (I often wonder if God would just like to “thwack” us on the forehead, like the people do in the V-8 commercials, to get our attention.  It must seem to him that sometimes we just take an awfully long time to “get it.”) 

So, have you had, you know, one of “those” moments lately?  (I’m not taking any chances on using “the” phrase!)


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  1. Awesome point! God even uses the difficult times in our lives to bring us into His word. I’ve had recent events that just seem to consume my thoughts and I start with the Bible and eventually wind up on the internet Googling the topic. Before I know it I’ve spent loads of time studying various aspects of God’s word on the topic. So even our difficulties work for His gain if we seek Him first….Praise God!

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