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Regrets . . .

Every so often on my Facebook page, someone’s response from a site they have linked to pops up.  It is a site where thought-provoking questions are asked, the latest being “What is your greatest regret?

At first, I took the question lightly and came up with a few “prospects” for my top regret.  But then I wondered what the Bible had to say about regrets.   I found that the two most common examples in the Bible were of Adam and Eve and Peter.  How Adam and Eve must have regretted their choice to sin, and losing the life they had with God.  And Peter – imagine his regret at having betrayed Christ not once, but three times!

The good news is that once we have confessed our sins, God will not only have forgiven us, but he will have forgotten the sin.  Going to my Life Application Study Bible, it states in Psalm 103:12: “He has removed our rebellious acts as far away from us as the east is from the west.”  The explanation of the verse was “East and West can never meet.  This is a symbolic portrait of God’s forgiveness.  We tend to dredge up the ugly past, but we need never wallow in the past for God forgives and forgets.  He has wiped our record clean.”

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  1. AMEN! If we keep reliving the hurts of the past we are short-changing the work of Jesus and God. We have to wipe our record clean and also allow the records of others to be cleaned as well. Not allowing the record of others to be cleaned keeps us (the injured, wronged, affected person) stuck and in pain.

    Great topic! Not easy to live in every aspect, but essential to a more fully happy life in Christ.

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