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Do you believe the word “God” should be removed from American culture?

A recent e-mail making the rounds stated that NBC had conducted a poll that had “shocking results.”  The question asked was “Do you believe the word God should remain in American culture?”, the on-line site people can go to confirm the validity of e-mail stories, etc., states that this poll never took place. 

It seems this question has been posed in various forms, however.  One CNBC poll in 2004 asked, “Do you believe the words ‘under God’ should be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance?”  Results:  85% No, 15% Yes.  A 2006 MSNBC poll asked, “Should the words ‘In God We Trust’ be removed from U. S. currency?”  Results:  80% No, 20% Yes.  The same question was posed again in 2008, with the results being 78% Yes, 22% No and again in October of 2009, with 89% voting No and 11% voting yes.

 What do you think?


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