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 Answered Prayer!

I had a much more serious topic in mind when I sat down to write this morning, the topic of forgiveness.  But then as I grabbed my cell phone as I was heading out the door for work, I noticed I had two voicemails.  One was from a friend who had been offered a new job . . . one closer to home, better pay . . . almost everything she had prayed for!  She told me she had said a little prayer during church on Sunday asking God to lead her to a new job and went home to find a message regarding a possible job opportunity.  
   While we all know that our prayers don’t always get answered so quickly, it’s nice to hear these types of stories. 
   The quickest answer I ever got to a prayer was the night I was driving, in a snowstorm, in the dark and in unfamiliar territory. I had been visiting my daughter in upper Wisconsin and planned to visit family about two hours away.  I had never met this part of the family before nor had I ever even been to their town. The radio weatherman had been warning all day about the “big snow” that was coming.  But in my optimism, I thought I could beat the storm, and besides, where I was going didn’t look that far away on the map.  I got a later start than I had wanted, and not too long into the drive the snow started falling . . . a lot of it . . . I was out in the middle of nowhere, and the car I had been following had turned off a while back.  I was by myself. Not one to normally get too stressed out in situations like this, thoughts of my car sliding off the road and down one of the hills that I was driving through, never to be found for days, caused me to whisper a quick prayer to God for help.  And a few minutes later, what “to my wondering eyes should appear?” but a snow      plow . . . that not only provided a guide to follow in the blinding snow, but drove all the way to the town to which I was headed!!  God was listening!
   So, we’ll get back to talking about forgiveness another day.  But for now, let’s hear about your answered prayer!


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  1. Well as some of you know, it was me (Linda) Caron was talking about getting the new job. I am getting a new job back to full time 40 hours a week!! I don’t start until this Thursday, but I am excited, scared and to tell you the truth I am “doubtful” and “worried” (NOT how a Christian should be about answered prayer) I should be jumping for joy with enthusiasm and grateful praise. But, I am my Mother’s child. (“Very profound Linda” I can hear you saying while reading this…”why yes, Linda you ARE ‘your Mother’s child’ and just what does THAT have to do with THIS????????”) Well, let me explain, since I am sure you are wanting me to, now that I have “peaked your interest”. You see, I have had years of experience of being a “worrier” and I come from a long line of women who were also “worriers”. They all believed in Jesus and forgiveness, in salvation and being a child of God…and they prayed, my Grandmother, my Mother, ALL the women in my family, but all the women in my family seemed to have the same genetic makeup (well DUH) and the same “disease” . . . WORRY WARTS. So here is what “worry warts” do…we worry, then we pray and we say “God we are giving this to you” and THEN we start the process of worrying all over again !!!! WHY? We just gave it to God didn’t we? My Mother (who I know is with Jesus now) used to say that she was like “Doubting Thomas” because she would pray to God to take her burden or worries and feel better for awhile (a very little while) and then start “taking the burdens and worries back” She told me that made her like Thomas … remember he wouldn’t believe Jesus had risen until he actually saw the nail prints in his hands!! So, I struggle with worrying too, and this new job that is answered prayer is there for me and I am worrying and doubting it. And then that makes me wonder about my true faith!!! It is like I am an addict…addicted to worrying about something…like I HAVE to have SOMETHING to worry about at ALL TIMES!!! I know I believe and that Christ died to save me (no doubt about that) so there should be no “worries” right??? And, when you actually think about it, (and believe me I do) really isn’t it more about “control”? It is really about us not letting Him have the “control” after we take our worries and burdens to Him…yes we do “take them back”…because we want the CONTROL!! Maybe because of our “genetic make up” as women who always seem to be needed to help someone figure things out (a child, a grandchild, a husband, an aging parent . . .) we have trouble letting go of our “control” over our worries and also letting Christ work it out for us HIS way. I think my Mother, and those other precious women in the family (including myself) just “took” those burdens back because they felt like it was somehow their “job” to worry … so even though they wanted God to help them they HAD to continue to worry, to “control” the situation. It seems easy…give your worries to God…GIVE them to GOD, don’t even think about taking them back so you can “control” them by worrying..we need to GIVE THEM to HIM…tell him “Thank you, I know you will help me with this” and then BELIEVE it is best in HIS hands…in HIS control. I really don’t need to worry about this new job, how it is going to go or anything. I just thank God for answering my prayer and KNOW that HE is going to “work it out” and I will be exactly where I am supposed to be, even if this is not THE job, it will lead me where HE wants me to be. So what is there for me to worry about? “Don’t worry, be Happy” (Are you laughing at me now Caron?? A “inside” joke of ours remember?) Seriously, I think God would be pretty proud of me making this statement (kinda like standing up and saying “Hi, my name is Linda and I am a WORRIER”) and I know if I need some support from friends to help me out if I start my worry cycle again that the women of Plymouth are there. And, at least we know we have a place to share…this is a GOOD thing, a VERY GOOD THING! People are “blogging every where about every thing….but this blog can be a place to go to to connect with our “sisters” of Plymouth, where we can share our concerns, joys, whatever… PHEWWWWWW…..I feel so much better. AND, I am VERY happy about my job and MY ANSWERED PRAYER! I didn’t mean to “preach a sermon” here or start a new topic of discussion, really Caron…I didn’t. Okay…back to Answered Prayers…

  2. I was there for the situation Jan describes. It was the most powerful example I’d ever experienced to that point of how God does STILL speak into this world. The only thing missing was the title on the bulletin to read “Attention xxxxxxx this is your personal sermon”.

  3. I remember one very powerful example of an answer to prayer! I had a party at my house, and most of the guests were from our church family. Late in the evening, most of them had gone home, but a few remained, and we got into a very serious discussion about faith. One person expressed deep doubts about his personal faith, and one by one, we all witnessed to that person with our own testimonies. The next morning, when we gathered for church, the sermon addressed every doubt that this person had expressed! (I actually had goose bumps!) We kept looking at each other in amazement, and later agreed that this was indeed an answer to our prayers!

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