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Baptism and new beginnings

Our last blog entry asked the question “Where do you find hope?” In this past week, our Plymouth church family experienced three examples of hope . . . and new beginnings.

   This past Thursday, a man from our church family passed away after an illness. This man and his family have now experienced the fulfillment of God’s promise of new life in his presence and the peace and comfort that God provides at times such as these.

  On Saturday afternoon, two of our church members began a new life together as they were joined in marriage.  A new couple was formed and two children have a new Dad. We wish them all well in their new life together!

   During Sunday worship, another of our church family gave his testimony as to how God has been working in his life during the past few months and the change it has made in his life. After the service, we gathered at the DuPage River to witness this man’s baptism. Pastor Bill gave the man a large rock to leave behind in the “water grave” as a reminder and as a point of  reckoning (from the 6th chapter of Romans, giving some reasons for baptism in the terms of knowing, yielding and reckoning), to always have a place that he can point to and remind himself and anyone else that would question the fact that a change had been made in his life. The rock also had his name marked on it. The term Water Grave came from a song by the same title sung by the Imperials a long time ago and seemed appropriate for the occasion!
Baptism – Randy Travis and Kenny Chesney  (Click on photos to enlarge.)


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  1. When I was telling someone about this day, they asked me if Lance was “dunked” backwards or forwards. I replied “backwards.” They then explained to me that some believed a person should be dunked backwards indicating the death of your sins. Or that you should be dunked forward, since Christ upon the cross, when he gave up his spirit, his head fell forward.

  2. Thanks to everyone at Plymouth for your support and being a part of my walk. I was unprepared for how many of you came to the DuPage river for the baptism. It was a special day for me made all the better to have so many willing to be so supportive.

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