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Where do you find hope?

I was reading a blog recently that asked the question “Where do you find hope?”  ( The writer stated that he found hope in the fact that most people living today, have it much worse than most of us, yet they live “lives of dignity, meaning and even joy.”    He also adds, “that hope is what we Christians must have. I mentioned over the weekend that hope is not optimism, but the conviction that our suffering has meaning, even if we cannot understand it. I should have added that it is also the conviction that everything, in the fullness of time, works out for the Good. All this suffering today has meaning because in ways we cannot understand, it is for the best. That’s what hope is: evidence of things unseen. If I didn’t have Christ, I would probably be overwhelmed by despair sometimes. But because I have Christ, it is possible for me to have hope.”


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  1. 10-15-2009 5:01:32 PM CST

    I read in the scriptures that “A day is as a thousand years unto the Lord” I’m not sure but I’m going to assume that is figurative, allegoric. But what if it was true I thought. If a human lived an average of 75 years how long would that be in Gods time. I’m not too good at math but I gave it a try and I came up with 12 1/2 minutes. Wow not very long. Now think of it up against eternity, wow! Pretty hard to fathom. Hope!! I think Paul said it well when he said we now see in a mirror dimly – in part. I don’t know about you but I have this real strong assurance in side of me that says we will know why some day and how God was always there looking over us and doing what was best for us.

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